Types of Solar panel | Which Solar Panel is best for you ?

Friends, In today's article, I will tell you How many types of solar panels are there and which one you should buy ?

Friends, at this time you will get to see many colored solar panels in the market. For example, if someone's color will be black, then someone's blue and some are speckled. Friends, if you want to buy solar panels for your home, shop or office etc. but are confused which solar panel will be good for you, then today you read this post completely. Here you will know which solar panel will be right for you.

Types of Solar Panel, Solar Panel
Types of Solar Panel

Types of Solar Panel

Friends, the most important component of solar panels is silicon metal. It is a semiconductor metal with photovoltaic effect. Photovoltaic means having the ability to generate electricity from sunlight. Therefore, silicon metal is mostly used to make solar panels.

Silicon metal is the second most abundant substance on this earth after oxygen. Silicon metal is extracted from sand. This is a long process.

Now mainly three types of solar panels are made from this silicon metal which are as follows-

1. Mono Crystalline Solar Panel.
2. Poly Crystalline Solar Panel.
3. Thin film solar panel.

Now we will explain it one by one.

1. Mono Crystalline Solar Panel. 

Pure quality silicon cells are used in this type of mono crystalline solar panel. It is a bit expensive to extract pure silicon from raw silicon, so the price of mono crystalline solar panels is higher than other solar panels.

If we talk about identification, then black colored solar cells are installed in this type of solar panel. Its power generating capacity is more than other types of solar panels. Mono crystalline solar panels can convert 20 to 22% of solar energy into electrical energy. That's why their efficiency rate is said to be 20-22%.

Mono crystalline solar panels are great for an area where the sun is out for a short period of time. Mono Crystalline Solar Panels are great for such a place as they work well even in less sunlight.

The mono crystalline solar panel captures sunlight quickly.

2. Poly Crystalline Solar Panel.

The silicon cells used in polycrystalline solar panels do not require the Czochralski process like mono silicon. In the Czochralski process, 100% pure silicon is separated from the raw silicon to form a large cylinder. But to make Polycrystalline Solar Panel, silicon is extracted from different sources.

Polycrystalline solar panels are installed in an area where heat is high and cold is low. The cost of poly crystalline solar panels is lower than mono because it does not contain the pure form of silicon.
Poly crystalline solar panels are sold more than mono solar panels because they are a bit cheaper.

3. Thin film Solar Panel.

Thin film solar panels are made by mixing silicon metal with several other metals. Their cost is much lower than poly and mono silicon solar panels. They are very thin, one of their specialties is that you can fold them and fold them as you want, and perhaps this type of solar panel will also be of more use in the future.

Their power generation capacity is 9 to 12%. Thin film solar panels come installed in your calculator. Only a few companies make these types of solar panels in India. If your load is less then you can save money by installing this type of solar panel. These thin metal solar panels The panel is divided into the following categories, which are as follows-

1.Amorphous silicon (a-Si)

2.Cadmium telluride (CdTe)

3.Copper indium gallium selenide (CIS/CIGS)

4. Organic photovoltaic cells (OPC)

Which Solar Panel is best for you ?

Friends, if you are thinking that which solar panel should you take, then I would like to tell you that you should take mono crystalline solar panel. It has high power generation capacity. 
These solar panels work well even in winter.

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