How to buy a Solar Panel ?

Hello friends, Today's, In this article  We will tell you about solar panel buying guide. I mean that we will tell you How to buy a solar panel and what things should we keep in mind while buying solar panel ?

Solar Panel buying Guide 

Friends, while purchasing the solar panel, you will have to pay attention to these things which are as follows: -

How to buy a solar panel
Solar Panel Buying Guide

1. Power Requirement.

Friends, before purchasing solar panels, we should first pay attention to the power requirement, how much electricity we need. Then select the solar panel according to the amount of wattage you need.

You will also see which devices you have to run and how many watts of electricity will be required to run them all, then you should buy solar panels accordingly. Suppose if you need 200 watt power then you should install 200 watt solar panel

2. Size - 

While purchasing solar panels, we should also keep in mind what the size of the solar panel should be. You get many size solar panels in the market. While purchasing solar panels, the first thing you have to check is that how much space you have where you want to install the solar panels.

3. Durability. - 

Friends, you should get a solar panel that can withstand strong winds, strong rains and storms. I meant to say that you should buy a solar panel with high durability

4. Temperature Coefficient.- 

The temperature coefficient shows how the solar panel performs in high temperature. The solar panel whose temperature coefficient is low that will perform better.

5. Efficiency. - 

it means how much sunlight , solar panel converts into electricity per unit area. The solar panel of more efficiency will produce more electricity from sunlight. You should buy high efficiency solar panel.

6. Power Tolerance. -  

In power tolerance, we have to see how the solar panel works in power fluctuation. If you do not want to get an inverter, then you should take a solar panel that has minimum power tolerance. If you take a solar panel with low power tolerance, then you will also get maximum electricity production.

7. Solar Panel Rating. - 

Solar panel rating measures how much amount of current your solar panel can generate over defined conditions. If the rating of the solar panel is high, it means that it will be able to produce more current and if the rating is low, it will be able to produce less current. That's why you always buy high rated solar panels

8. Price. - Friend,s before buying solar panel you have to check price of solar panel online and offline and Buy solar panels from where you can get cheaper.

Conclusion ( Solar Panel Buying Guide - How to buy a Solar Panel ? )

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