Solar Panel and How Solar Panels work ?

Hello friends, in today's article, we will tell you how do solar panel works ? We will tell you the complete working of the solar panel from the beginning to the end.

Friends, you all must know that the solar panel is made up of solar cells. There are small solar cells on which if sunlight falls, then this solar cell converts that sunlight into current or I mean electricity. 

Many such cells make solar panels together and now in today's time, the use of solar panels is increasing day by day and is being used a lot. People use solar panels for the electricity of their entire house today.

Solar panel does not pollute and does not cost anything after it is installed. Once applied, it converts direct sunlight into electricity.

How do Solar Panels work ?

Friends, now we will talk about how do solar panel works

How do solar Panels work ?
How do solar panels work ?

Friends, as you all know that solar cells contain silicon. Silicon is a semiconductor that shows two properties - conductor and insulator. As you must understand the name, semiconductor means half, it conducts half and insulates half.

If you don't know what is conductor ? then I will tell you that the conductor is the one through which electricity passes like wire or iron . All these things conduct electricity.

For example, I would like to say  that if you touch an electric wire with any iron rod, you can feel the current because the current is passed by that iron rod because it is a conductor. In the same way, if we talk about a dry wood, if we touch a wire from a dry wood, you will not feel the current because it is an insulator and the Insulators do not pass electricity.

Similarly, silicon which is a semiconductor shows the properties of both conductors and insulators and It has two layers P-type semiconductor and N-type semiconductor. The type P is positive and the N-type is a negative semiconductor.

Both are put together and then sunlight is put in it, then electrons flow in it. You must know what is electrons ? Electrons are very tiny particles and when those particles start to flow, then we call them electric current or electricity. 

Now understand that when light comes from the sun, small particles come in it. These are such small particles that it is difficult to see with the eyes. They are called photons. Photons come with sunlight and fall on the solar panel, causing some process in the semiconductor. Because of this, electrons flow and when electrons flow it generates electricity. In this way, the solar panel produces electricity

Conclusion ( How do Solar Panels work ? )

I hope that you have now understood how solar panels work ?

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