What is Solar Cell and How does it works ?

Friends, The demand of energy on our earth is increasing day by day and natural resources are also limited. Now in today's time, the biggest source of energy for us is the sun . we have to use sunlight as energy, we can do it with the help of solar cells. 
Now in this article I will tell you that What is Solar Cell and How does it works ?

What is Solar Cell ?

Now I will tell you that " What is Solar Cell

What is Solar Cell , Solar Panel
What is Solar Cell ?

If we tell in simple words then we can say that " Solar Cell is a device or it is a p-n junction diode that converts Solar Energy into Electrical Energy by photovoltaic effect." It is also called Photovoltaic cell .

A Solar Cell generates 0.7 watts of Energy.

Solar Cell Construction

Now I will tell you about construction of Solar cell. 
Solar cell consists of silicon or gallium Arsenide p-n junction diode Which is packed with glass windows at the top. One layer is p-type semiconductor and other layer is n-type semiconductor. It is very thin so that incident light photons can easily reach the p-n junction. On the top face of p-layer , the metal finger on the electrodes are prepared. So that light can get enough space between fingers to reach the junction.

Working Principle of solar cell 

Friends, the solar cell is a P-N junction, In this cell P part is thinner than N part . When sunlight falls on the solar cell, it creates holes and electrons, then holes are more and electrons are less in the P part and electrons are more in the N part and the number of holes is less, then there is a negative charge on the electron and positive on the hole. There is a charge, therefore, crossing the holes junction of N type goes towards P part and electrons of P part go towards N part, thus current is generated.

Uses of Solar Cell

The Main uses of Solar Cell are as Follows :-

1. The Main uses of Solar cell is to make electricity from the sun.

2. Solar Cells are also used in artificial Satellites.

3. It is also used in Space testing Laboratory.

4. Solar Cells are also used in TV program relay centers at remote Location.

5. Apart from all this , Solar cells are used as traffic signals and also in Solar lanterns.

Advantages of Solar Cell

The Advantages of Solar Cells are as Follows :-

1. The main advantages of Solar Cells is that we can use it in Remote areas.

2. The another Advantage of Solar Cell is that It does not cause pollution.

3. There is not even a requirement of much maintenance in the Solar Cell.

4. It does not bring our Electricity bill.

5. The advantage of making electricity from solar cells is also that then we do not have to give any charge to make electricity.

Disadvantage of Solar Cells 

Solar Cells also have some disadvantages :- 

1. Solar cell production costs are high.
2. We need battery to store the energy.
3. Solar cell does not work at night or on a cloudy day.

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