Hello Friends, Today, In this article we will talk about Starlink that what is Starlink, what is the purpose of starlink ? We will give you a lot of information related to this.

What is Starlink ?

Starlink, Elon Musk, who owns Space X and many more companies, has a project called Starlink. 


In other words, We can say that Starlink is a project of Elon Musk.

What is Starlink, starlink mission
What is Starlink ?

In this project, a lot of satellites have been launched on the lower orbits of the earth those who provide internet on the ground. Internet is provided there are ground stations, terminals, user terminals. 

What is the Starlink Mission ?

Friends, you must know that elon musk's mission is that he wants to settle people in Mars and his starlink project has the mission to reach cheap and fast internet everywhere on earth.

Friends, in today's time, there are areas and villages where the internet is not able to reach through this fiber cable, then the mission of Starlink is that it wants to reach the internet everywhere on earth. 

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So that every person can use the Internet. He wants to provide internet to every village, country, city, locality, everywhere. Their mission is to provide internet to the hilly area, sea area everywhere.

There should be no place where the internet cannot reach, now you have understood what is the purpose and mission of Starlink ?

How does starlink internet work ?

Now we will talk about How does starlink internet work ?

In This project, They keep putting their satellite on lower orbit of Earth.

From this, it will be as if you run your TV through satellite, so we put an antenna for whatever Dish TV or Doordarshan has installed.
Then your TV runs directly from satellite, you can also use the Internet on this concept.

The antenna that you will install is called a terminal, it will have motors that will automatically adjust your angle according to the satellite because there are so many satellites.

So you can access internet very easily and you can access internet very fast.

When will Starlink internet be available ?

Right now it is not available to all people, at the moment it has not come for the common people. Currently it is now in beta program

How fast will starlink internet be ? 

If we talk about the internet speed of it, then I would like to say that you will get starlink internet much faster than the speed of internet today.

How much will Starlink cost ?

If you talk about the cost of Starlink's Internet, then I would like to say that there is no confirmation yet, but as far as Starlink's internet will be cheap and fast.

Friends, everyone is waiting for Starlink's Internet, yet it does not exist for everyone. I am also waiting for this. 

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