Solar Energy

Hello Friends, In today's article, We will tell you that what is Solar Energy and we will give you all the information related to it.

What is Solar Energy?

The main source of energy on the Earth is Sun and the Energy derived from the sun is called Solar energy. Only 47% of the energy radiated from the Sun reaches the Earth. Solar Energy is clean pollution-free energy. Solar Energy is a renewable source of energy.

What is Solar Energy, solar panel
What is Solar Energy ?

What is Solar Energy in simple words ?

In Simple words, we can say that, Solar energy is that which is received directly from the Sun and this energy can neither be generated nor destroyed and It is obtained directly from the Sun's rays and is converted into solar energy by solar panel.

What is Solar Energy used for?

Solar Energy is used in drying clothes on earth, to make salt from seawater, to reduce its moisture after harvest, and in other works. Solar Energy is used automatically in drying things.

Uses of Solar Energy

Solar Energy is mainly used in two ways:-

1. Direct use. 

2. Indirect use.

Now I will explain one by one.

Direct use of solar energy.

  • Collecting solar energy in the form of heat. Example- Solar Cooker.
  • By converting solar energy into Electrical energy. Example- Solar cell.

Indirect use of solar energy.

  • Using Air energy.
  • Using the Energy of ocean waves.
  • Using the energy of the water collected in the dam.
  • Using wood and Coal Energy.

It all happens because of the sun.

The Source of all these energies is Sun. The Storm flows only when the air is warmed by the rays of the sun. The rays of the sun are also the reason for the origin of ocean waves. The Existence of rivers is also due to the water cycle, which is controlled by the sun itself.

The Energy of the water of rivers can be converted into electrical energy. Thus the energy stored in the dam is also due to the sun. Trees invest solar energy in the process of photosynthesis. Energy is obtained by using the wood of tree plants as fuel.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Now, I will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of Solar energy.

What are Solar Energy advantages?

The Advantages of solar energy are as follows:-

1. Solar Energy is pollution-free.

2. After the arrival of solar energy, the pressure on other sources of energy has come down.

3. Solar energy systems do not require much more maintenance.

4. Solar power is much safer in the case of conventional power sources.

5. Solar energy can be used all over the world.

6. Using solar energy will give you relief from the electricity bill.

7. With the help of solar energy, we can also deliver electricity where there is no electricity till date.

What is Solar Energy Disadvantages?

The Disadvantages of solar energy are as follows:-

1. The initial cost of buying a solar energy system is very high.

2. We need a lot of space for solar energy because if we want more electricity then more solar panels will have to be installed in more places.

3. Solar energy is weather-dependent because clouds and rainy times cannot collect much more solar energy.

4. Solar energy cannot be found at night.

Friends, as you all know, global warming is increasing nowadays, so we should also do something about it, if we cannot do anything, then at least we can do so that we can increase the use of this solar energy.

By using solar energy, we can reduce pollution. 

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