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Friends, you must have heard a lot about the UI or user interface many times. In today's article, I will tell you about the user interface, If you know about it then it is good if you don't know about it, Then I will give you complete information about it.

What is User Interface ?

A user interface is a part of a machine that is used by people to run a machine. 

What is User Interface , User Interface
What is user Interface ?

Switch, Rubber keypad and touch screen all are examples of user interface that we can see and we can touch. In some machines, this user interface is run by the entire computer. We also called such systems as human computer interface.  In this system, we do all the work with the help of software and take care of the work being done.

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Types of User Interface

There are many types of user interface which is given below :-

1. Graphical user Interface. - In the name of graphical user interface, you can understand that this operating system is based on graphics. you can give input to the computer through the mouse and keyboard and the interface given there that is graphical. There are all kinds of buttons and menus, which make it a simple interface that any user can operate.

2. Web User Interface - it is also a part of Graphical user interface. In a web user interface, the web page is designed in such a way that when it reaches a user through the internet, its output is seen to be excellent, the layout or interface of your web page is very important for your website.

3. Touch screen interface. - Touch screen interfaces are in mobile phones, tablets and ATM machines where you touch the screen and give input and the machines gives you a fixed amount.

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4. Command line interface. - In command line interface, the computer is inputted by typing the command string through the keyboard and you see its output on the computer screen.

5. Hardware User Interface. - In home appliances commonly used in the home, any command you give to the hardware through the switch through the touch screen through the buttons is given through the hardware user interface and it makes simplifies running any of your machines.

6.Batch Interface -  In Batch interface, the user performs batch processing and takes output so that all the processing can be done. The Computer does not interfere with this task after processing is started.

7. Alternative User interface - It serves to focus the user's attention and takes care of what time the message and warning are to be given.

Friends, In this article we have told you about the user interface, If you have any query or any suggestions related to this article you can tell us by commenting or mailing us

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