Hello Friends, In this post, We will tell you about software and I will also tell you about the types of software. Friends, There is no need to tell you what is software because If you use mobile and computer then you will know what the software is, If you know it then it is good if you don't know, So you have no need to worry. We will tell you What is software and what are the types ?

What is software ?

Definition : Software is a collection of many programs that perform specific functions of a computer.

Software is that part of a computer on which we work. Software is used to simplify the working of computers. Nowadays software is made according to work.

What is software , Software
What is Software ?

Nowadays, Big companies make computer software prepared by software programmers keeping in mind the requirement of consumer or user.

A computer is a group of different programs by which specific task can be performed. A computer has two parts. The first is called hardware and the second is called software. Hardware is the physical parts of the computer and Software is a group of programs that determine the functions of these hardware.

Types of computer Software :-

The Software is divided into three parts as follows :-

  • System Software
  • Application software.
  • Utility Software.

Now we will tell you one by one.

1. System SoftwareSystem Software is a software that manages and controls the hardware so that the application software can complete its work

In other words, We can say that System software is the software that controls and maintains the system.

Some Important system software is as follows :-

  • Operating System software. -  All computers require an operating system. A Computer cannot be used without it and it forms the interface between the user and the computer.

  • Language translator. -  It is programs that translate programs written in various programming languages into computer machine language. This translation is necessary because the computer can only follow programs written in its machine language. Language translator is mainly divided into three categories. - Assembler, Compiler and interpreter.

  • Common utility programs. - These Programs are specially designed for computer devices and resources. These programs are used more on the operation of computer infrastructure. 

2. Application SoftwareApplications software is that software that connects user and computers. Application software is very useful for computer because if there is no application software in the computer then we can't do any work on the computer. Some Examples of application software is as follows :-

  • MS word
  • MS excel
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS access.
  • MS paint 

3. Utility SoftwareUtility Software is that type of software that repairs the computer and increases the efficiency of the computer and helps to make it more functional. 

How to make Software ?

A computer Programmer or a lot of computer programmers make software by writing programs from programming language. To make these software, you must have special knowledge of programming language as well as algorithms and software engineering

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