Hello Friends, Today, In this article I will tell you about podcasting that what is podcasting and How it is beneficial for everyone.

What is Podcasting ?

Podcasting is a method by which audio files are published on the internet which we can download in our computer, mobile and other media devices. Friends, there are many people who do not have time to listening their favorite show and if they download manually then it takes time for downloading. Then it's only solution is podcasting. Podcasting allows you to listen your favorite content as per your convenience.Podcasting is increasing day by day  

what is podcasting, podcasting
What is Podcasting ?

Who can do podcasting ?

Now let's talk about who can do podcasting ? 

Friends, anyone can create a podcast, for this, you need to find an online audience that will listen to your new episodes. You can do podcasting on any topic or anything you have knowledge about. Nowadays, Teachers are using podcasts to communicate with their students and many peoples are using podcast for entertainment and news.

Podcasts for Learning

Podcasts have become a source in today's times where different types of students can download audio files and according to their convenience  they can learn at any time by listening to them. In the past, audio tape and compact disc were not so perfect according to learning on demand. But since podcasts have started people have got new things at very smaller cost.

The biggest advantage of learning from the podcast is that you can repeat the audio files in it as many times as you want. If there is something that is not understood at once then you can repeat it and listen to it.

But Friends, if there is any point in podcasting that you do not understand then you will not get any explanation for that. But it still provide a convenient means for class discussion and preparation for something when students come to school. Different categories have been created in the podcast according to the learning needs of the people.

You will also find podcasts category like science, philosophy history, spirituality, self development etc. If seen in today's time, Then you will get podcasts according to the interest of every person, whether he is interested in sports, in travelling or in any other subject. You will find all kinds of podcast in today's time.

Podcasts are very beneficial thing for business travelers and sales person because these people are constantly move and these people can also get a lot of information by podcast while moving continuously. The best thing about Podcast is that it reached very well all over the world. Podcast is very beneficial for companies because it allows companies to easily deliver any product information to their customers. The company can advertise itself very easily and can reach more people on the podcast.

In the end, I would like to say that podcasting is very beneficial for everyone. If we want then we can use it very well. 

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