Operating system

Hello Friends. In today's article we will tell you about Operating system and types of operating system

What is operating system ?

It is a system software. It is a group of instructions that is stored in a storage device and it is a group of programs that manage the resources and operations of a computer.

What is operating system, operating system
What is Operating System ?

Types of operating System.

1. Single user Operating system. - Single user Operating system allows only one user to work at a time. On this Operating system, multiple users cannot work at one time.

2.  Multi user Operating system. - Multiple user operating system allows multi user to work simultaneously. Many users at a time can perform their own tasks on this operating system.

3. Multi tasking operating system. - This Operating system allows the user to run many different programs simultaneously. On this operating system you can also write emails and chat with your friends at the same time.

4. Multi processing operating system - Multi processing operating system allows a program to run in more than one CPU.

5. Multi threading operating system.- This Operating system allows different parts of a program to run simultaneously.

6. Real time operating system. - It processes the input given by the user immediately.

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Functions of operating system

  • Device management - The Operating system keeps the information of all the devices. This is also called the input-output controller and the operating system itself decides which device to deliver to which program, when and for how long.

  • Memory management - The Operating system manages the memory, It has complete knowledge of primary memory and sees which part of memory is used by which program.

  • Processor management - It allocates the processor to the program and deallocates it when a program runs out of CPU requirement.

  • File management -  It allocates and deallocates the resources.

  • Security - It prevents unauthorized access to any program or data. It uses passwords and other technology to prevent from unauthorized access.

  • Reliability - It is very reliable because any virus and harmful codes can be detected in it.

  • Ease of use - It can be used easily because it has GUI interface.

  • Job accounting - It monitors time and resources used by different jobs and users.

Advantages of operating system.

  • We can use it very easily.
  • Through this, we can share a data with a lot of users.
  • It can be easily updated.
  • It is safe and aware about error and threats.
  • It manage both computer hardware and software.
  • Through this, we can install any game or software and run them.

Disadvantage of Operating system.

  • Some Operating system are free but some are quite expensive.
  • They sometimes do not support any hardware.

Hello Friends, Today, In this article we have told you that what is operating system ? Friends, If you have any question related to the operating system or have any suggestions for us. Then you can comment or email us.

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