Simple ways to save money when buying a new computer.

Friends, If you want to buy a new computer. Then in this article today I will tell you some simple ways by which you can save a lot of money while buying a computer.

For some people, buying a computer is as difficult as buying a car. If this is the case with you, then you must read this article. Here, I will tell you some ways by which you can save a lot of money while buying a computer.

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Save money

Simple ways, anyone can save money at the time of buying computer.

1. Check out all the shops to see the best deals. :-   Many people buy expensive computer but they do not need expensive computer because they have to do simple work. But they buy expensive computers. So i suggest you that before buying a computer you should think, why do you want a computer and what kind of work do you want to do with the computer.

When you have done this, then after that you go to the computer shops near you and find out about the computer. Then there you should ask the rate, warranty of the computer and what is coming with it. After doing this, you should  check and find online best deals or offers about the computer.

Then go online or offline where you get a good deal.

Then select the computer according to your need, do not make it more expensive. Select the computer according to the work that you have to do and then buy.

2. Install many things yourself. :-   Friends, a loot of people do that when they buy computers, they get a lot of extra software put in them. They should not do it because they will increase the cost of your computer because whatever extras you get software will ask for at different rates, In this way Your computer will become more expensive.

You should install the software on your computer which you want to work on. Do not make your computer expensive by installing extra software.

After Purchasing a computer. If you ever need any other software, then you install it later and there are many software that you will get free from your friends.

3. You shouldn't buy extended warranty. :-   Friends, when you go to buy a computer the the computer retailer talks to you about the extended warranty. At that time, the extended warranty looks very good. But keep one thing in mind. Nowadays new computers come with warranty. Most computer problems will be either in the beginning or much later when it is cheaper to buy a new computer because technology changes very quickly.

If you really need a warranty then you can take but at a lower cost.

If your budget is low then you can try these methods and if your budget is unlimited then you are lucky.

In the end, I would like to say that by following these methods, you can save money when buying a computer. 

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