Computer Virus - Types of Computer Virus

Hello Friends, Today, In this post we are going to discuss about computer virus and I will tell you about some types of computer Virus.

What is computer Virus ?

A Computer Virus is a program designed to change and damage the computer operating methods. Computer virus can destroy a computer without our permission in such a way that it is not easy for us to fix it. Apart from this , Computer Viruses slow down the performance of the computer and It stops the system software from working Properly.

What is computer virus, Computer virus
What is computer virus ?

What is Malware ?

The Full name of Malware is malicious Software. It means bad software which is not good at all and once it is in your system then it can spoil your system completely.

Malware Can come to our computer both online and offline method.

In Online, whenever we go to the malicious website and download pirated software, games and movies from there then malware comes to our computer.

In Offline, Whenever we use PenDrive, CD, DVD and try to fetch data from elsewhere and connect it to our computer then the malware can comes through these methods and it destroys our computer data.

There are three types of Malware :-

  • Virus.
  • Worms.
  • Trojan horse.
Now we will discuss about them one by one.

1. VirusVirus are small programs in a computer that are auto executive programs that enter the computer and affect the functioning of the computer. Virus can corrupt your files and software in your computer.

The Following are the types of computer virus :-

  • Spyware - Spyware is that type of software which installed in the computer and collects information and send it to the creator of the software. It steals the personal information.
  • Scareware - It comes to the user through a message and It has a link to download, by clicking on that link it can cause scareware in your computer.
  • Boot Sector Virus - Boot sector virus are in the boot sector of a hard disk or floppy disk. Such viruses are entered into the system by removable media.When we turn on the computer then this virus will interfere with the operating system loading. If we want to remove this virus then we have to format our computer.
  • Direct Action Virus. - Direct Action Virus is  also known as Non-Resident virus. In hard drive root directory, this virus is only associated with the file that is infected.
  • Polymorphic Virus - Mostly this virus is used by cyber criminals. This virus damages the system through different means every time. It is very difficult to identify such virus.
  • File Infectors virus - Now a days, this virus is mostly in the computer because this virus affects the files of direct running and damages the data, files etc.
  • Macro virus - Macro virus primarily target macro language commands. Such as microsoft word.
  • Network virus. - It mainly spreads through the internet or local area network.
  • Encrypted virus - Such type of computer virus is very difficult to detect it because they use encrypted malicious virus that why it is difficult to catch them.
  • Resident Virus. - This virus affects the computer by entering its RAM memory.

2. Worms -  Worms are also like viruses, but they multiply themselves and try to spread themselves as much as possible which means that if worms is entered in your system then it will start making lots of copies of different files because of this the system becomes slow.  

3. Trojan horseTrojan Horse is a very dangerous malware. This malware comes into your computer by hiding their identity. Trojan exists on the internet as a software, you will think that it is good software and you will download it but maybe there is a trojan inside that software then In this way it can comes in your computer.

Symptoms of Computer Virus :-

Friends, How to know if your computer is infected with virus. For this i am going to tell some warning sign below. 

You must know all these -

  • Computer hangs or slow down.
  • Frequent popups on screen.
  • Multiplying files automatically.
  • New files and programs are automatically installed.
  • Files and folders delete automatically.

How to avoid computer Virus ?

To avoid computer virus, you should take care of the following -

  • Always install a good antivirus in your computer and keep it updated on time.
  • Whenever you visit a website you should visit only the popular and registered website.
  • Anytime you want to connect your system to removable media, first scan it and then use them.
  • Do not download anything from unauthorized website.
  • If you have an email and you don't know anything about the sender, then don't open it.
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