Recycle bin in computer

Today, In this article I will tell you about Recycle bin in the computer. Sometimes it refer as Trash, Trashcan or Garbage

What is Recycle bin in computer ?

Recycle Bin is a folder where the deleted files and folders are stored  temporary.

Recycle bin

 Accidentally deleted files and folders can be easily restored from recycle bin. Friends, Whenever you delete any files and folders in the computer, after being deleted, that files goes into the recycle bin.

Where does the computer have a recycle bin ?

Mostly, you will find recycle bin on the desktop of the computer. Recycle bin is like this, you can see in the image.

How to delete Files and folders in Computer ?

There are two ways to delete files and folders in computer -
First of all select the file and folders which you want to delete then press Ctrl + d then file will be deleted. This is the first way to deleting the files and folders and another way is that, after selecting the files or folders and click on the right button of the mouse. After that you will get the option of deleting the files. Then you can delete the files or folders.

How long are deleted items in the recycle bin ?

Any files or Folders remain in the recycle bin, Untill you empty the recycle bin.

How to permanent delete files and folders in recycle bin ?

There are two ways from which you can delete any file permanently in the recycle bin.

1. Deleting Individual files in the Recycle bin. - In this way, You have to select the file and folder, then click right on the mouse after that the delete option will come in front of you. So you can delete the file and folder from there.
2. Emptying the recycle bin. - In this method, First of all you have to select the Recycle bin in the computer then click right button on the mouse then you will get the option of Empty recycle bin

Empty recycle bin

Then you click on it and delete all files and folders permanently from there.

How to restore deleted file in recycle bin ?

There are two ways to restore the deleted files in recycle bin.

First of all, you open the recycle bin and select the file which you want to restore 

Restore item in recycle bin

After selecting the file, Click on the Manage Recycle bin which is on the top. Then you will see option restore all items and restore the selected items . Then you can restore any file from here, you can also restore the selected item and if you want you can also restore all the items at once.

Another way to restore files and folders in the recycle bin is that you select the item in the recycle bin and click right button of the mouse. 

Restore item from recycle bin

Then you will see restore option. After clicking on the restore you can restore any files or folder in recycle bin.

How to bypass recycle bin in computer ?

Friends, If you want to bypass recycle bin in computer. I mean to say that If you want to delete a file in such a way that it does not go in the recycle bin then select the files and folders you want to delete permanently and press shift + Delete . In this way, you can delete any file or folder permanently and bypass the recycle bin.

How to edit recycle bin properties in computer ?

Now I will tell you about the properties of Recycle bin an How we can edit the properties of Recycle bin.

Properties of Recycle bin

In above pic you will see three properties -

1. Custom Size - If you want to change the size of the recycle bin in the local disc then you can change it with the custom size.

2. Don't move files to the recycle bin. Remove files immediately when deleted - if you want that whenever you delete any file or folders then it doesn,t go in recycle bin. So you can use this property.

3. Display delete confirmation dialog - If you want whenever you delete a file or folder in the computer then a confirmation message comes . So you can use this property.

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