In Today's world, Multimedia is being used a lot in the internet world. Now In this article we will tell you each and everything about multimedia.

Definition of multimedia

The main thing is that Multimedia is made up of two words, the first is multi which means many and other is media which means package (text, image, animation, sound etc ).

 Multimedia is a group of text, image, art, sound, animation, audio and video which is used for some purpose. Computer and any other electronic device is used to use the multimedia.

What is multimedia, Multimedia definition
Multimedia Definition

In other words, we can say that Multimedia is that field of information technology in which graphics, text, image, audio, video and animation etc are controlled through a computer and  It digitally translates and stores the process.

Multimedia System

Multimedia system is a system which is capable to processing multimedia data and applications. Multimedia is a system which has capability to integrate one or more types of media like text, image, graphics, audio video and animation etc.

Components of Multimedia

The main components of multimedia are :-
  • Graphics - Graphics is the main component of multimedia. Creating images on a computer screen is called computer graphics.
  • Text - Text provides information that makes sense. It contains alphanumeric characters that are used to create information.
  • Image - Images can be defined as visual autographs of information.
  • Audio - Audio is also an important component of multimedia because In some cases, sound is the only means to provide the information.
  • Video - Video shows still images as motion.
  • Animation - Animation is the most dynamic form of multimedia. Animation provides dynamic movement to objects.

Advantage of Multimedia

The main advantages of multimedia is :-
  • Multimedia considered to be the best means of communication.
  • It provides high quality presentation.
  • Multimedia reduces training cost.
  • It contributes greatly in entertainment and education sector.
  • it is easy to use.
  • Multimedia makes information attractive.

Disadvantage of multimedia
The main disadvantage of multimedia is :-
  • This requires special hardware.
  • Sometime it requires many resources so it can be expensive.
  • Multimedia takes time to compile.
  • It is not easy to configure.
  • Multimedia can be easily copied anything so that people are not able to distinguish between real and fake.

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