Files and Folders in Computer

In this article I will tell you about Files and folders and I will also tell you about difference between files and folders.

Files in Computer

Friends, On hearing the name of the file, a file filled with office paper comes to mind. But in the language of computers, there are many types of computer files and they work in different ways.

Files and folder in computer, files, folders
Files and Folders in computer

"A File is a unit that holds information, set of data,  setting or commands used with a computer program."

Each computer software and program is made up of many files. Your computer documents, photos, videos, desktop icons etc fall under the category of files.

The name of any file in a computer is divided into two parts. The first part can be given by any computer user or by application software which displays the name of the file. The user can also change this entry name if he want.

The second part of the file name displays the extended name or extension and indicates that in which application software this file is created or what type of program file it is. The File name and the extension are added with the help of dot (.) There is one directory cannot contain 2 files of the same file name.

Types of files :- 

1. Multimedia Files. 
The Files of your computer like songs, videos, photos etc are included in multimedia files.

2. Program Files.
All the software and program stores on your computer are created from a group of files, the same files are called program files.

3. Document Files.
The Files of your computer containing PDF, word, text and written information are included in the document file.

4. Archive files.
To make a backup, storage or share one or more files are mixed and a compact file is created which is an archive files.

5. System Files.
Files that run and support the operating system of a computer are called system files.

6. Server Files
All websites and applications running on the internet run with the help of files. Those files are kept in a server on the internet, They are called server files.

Folder in computer

A Folder is created to store one or more files in one place.

In other words we can say that

A Folder is a group of files that contain one or more files.

Friends, you must have understood that what is folder ? Now I will tell you that how to make a folder in computer. ?
Friends, If you want to create a folder, then right click on the empty space in the computer. Then a menu will open in front of you, there will be a NEW option  in it then you have to click on that NEW option. then a sub-menu will open in front of you. After that you have to click on the Folder option. then a folder will create. Then you should give a name to that folder.

Difference between Files and folders

  • A file is a type of document while a folder is a box to save the document.
  • You cannot make the file big according to you, but you can make any number of folders.
  • A folder cannot come inside a file, but a file inside a folder.
  • You cannot create a file inside a file, but you can create a folder inside a folder.
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