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Thursday, May 14, 2020


How to download and install free blogger template

How to download and install free blogger template 

Hello Friends, In today's article, I will tell you that How can we download and install free blogger template. Apart from that we will let you know in this article that how do we navigate our blog and how to set the menu.

How to download and install free blogger template 

How to download and install free blogger template , free blogger template
How to download and install free blogger template 

  • Hello Friends First of all we will open our blog and write in other tab. Then we will click on the image then google image search will come. Now we have to search " Best free responsive blogger template "in google image search.
  • Now a lot of free template will open in front of you. In today's article we will talk about only free template.
  • The meaning of responsive is that Website will open well in your mobile, laptop, computer and tablet. It won't be that website is completely open in the laptop and half open in the mobile.
  • Now we will select a theme and then click on it then there will be visit option in side then we will click on that.
  • Now more information option will come on your selected template. then we have too click on it. due to this, download option will come in front of you.
  • Here you will get both option free and paid. Now we will tell you about free template then we will download that template.
  • Now you will get a ZIP file then we will unzip that file. after that we will get a XML document and that XML document is your blogger template.

How to download and install free blogger template 

  • Now get on your blog and then there is a "'theme" option in left hand side and click on it .
  • Then the Back/Restore option will come in the right side, click on it.
  • Now you will get option of "Download Theme " . Here the meaning of download theme is that please download previous theme when you apply a new theme . If you might not like the new one theme , so get the old theme once again. So download theme option has been given.
  • Now there is a option of "choose file " below the "download theme " then click on the "choose file" and then select XML document which you have been downloaded. Then your new theme will apply in the blog.

How can we customize the theme in blogger ?

Hello friends, Right Now you will see the page on which you will see the desktop view and in side mobile view will also come which will be disabled. Now you should make your blog mobile friendly.
So you will see the sign of "setting " option of mobile then you have to click on it. then two option will be come in front of you.
First option is that :-
Yes, show mobile theme on mobile device.
and second option is that 
No, show desktop theme device.
Now you have too select first option for the mobile theme and then save it. after that your website will be mobile friendly
Now we will set the label. So we have to click on the "Edit Html" .Now the page of HTML code will now open in front of you. Now you have to do some change in your blog which we will done in HTML code.
Then there should be some buttons on your blog which we also call navigation bar.
Guys, Now above, you would be seeing navigation bar and we will do some change in that navigation bar.
Navigation bar

Suppose we have to write digital marketing on place of option of "earn money" and also have to do is when we click on digital marketing then digital marketing page should be open. Now you have to come in HTML code and search "earn money " in HTML code and the this type of page will be open

HTML code, html

Now the page opens in front of you like this, then replaced earn money by digital marketing. You can write whatever you like instead of digital marketing. I have only given an example of digital marketing.
Now you will see this type of coding 

<li><a href='' itemprop='url'><span itemprop='name'>Digital Marketing</span></a></li>

Now you have to given the URL of the page digital marketing. The Red color displayed here is which we want to delete

<li><a href='' itemprop='url'><span itemprop='name'>Digital Marketing</span></a></li>

You can delete whatever is shown in red color and give the link to  your page.
Now In this way you can change each button in your blog.
Now I will tell you only one thing is that If you have any type of query related to this blog then you can ask me in comment and you can also sent me mail related to that query.

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