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Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Hello Friends, All of you know that today's Era is the era of science. Because of this science our technology has grown day by day. Now a days New technology is coming and we are also doing work on new technology. Now a days such technology is unfolding that simple man cannot imagine about that technology. Due to this technology we can do many types of work very easily. In Today's topic I will tell you about that technology. the name of that technology is Artificial intelligence.
Today, we are using artificial intelligence in many types of fields. But now a days artificial intelligence is in first stage. Hello Friends, Today I will give you each and every information related to Artificial intelligence.Due to which you can better understand Artificial intelligence.

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Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial intelligence ?

Artificial intelligence , We also call it AI . Artificial intelligence is not a human intelligence. Artificial intelligence is built with the help of different machines and different technology. Artificial intelligence is a group of different types of machines which think and understand like humans. These all things are possible with the help of computer programs. Artificial intelligence is caused by computer programs.
Hello Friends, In other words we can say that Artificial intelligence is that type of machine which can manage their own according to conditions. After that Artificial intelligence meets their target according to conditions. Hello friends there is lot of work that a human being cannot do. For the solution of that type of problem we create a new technology we call it Artificial intelligence which make our work easy.

Advantage and Disadvantage of artificial intelligence 

All of you know that Everything has its own advantage and disadvantage just like  that Artificial intelligence has its own advantage and disadvantage. Now I will tell you about Advantage and disadvantage of Artificial intelligence -

Benefit of Artificial Intelligence 

  • The main benefit of artificial intelligence is that Artificial Intelligence is being used significantly in space research in today's time. You have seen that Today's scientist make good and intelligent robot after that they fill huge information in it. Then Scientist send robots into space and then other planets so that robots could transmit information about them on earth. So this is what i would like to say that space research has many advantages of artificial intelligence.
  • The advantage of Artificial intelligence is considerable in the banking sector. Artificial intelligence is being widely used in banking sector too. With the help of artificial intelligence we can manage and process data in the bank.
  • The advantage of artificial intelligence in medical field too. with the help of artificial intelligence we can read different types of X-ray very easily.
  • Nowadays Artificial intelligence is also being used in mining.
Hello Friends, I would like to tell that Artificial intelligence is contributing its good in quite areas. There's more work going on this technology right now. artificial intelligence will be quite beneficial  in coming.

Disadvantage of Artificial intelligence

Hello Friends, Artificial intelligence has also some disadvantages -
  • Friends. Nowadays artificial intelligence is not dangerous when it will be fully develop then this technology threat to humans, because then they start thinking at their own best.
  • Artificial Intelligence is also a cause of unemployment because there are many types of robots and AI machines are working in the company.
  • If we use Artificial Intelligence in war then it will be very dangerous for man kind.because it will see god bad nothing it will only catastrophe. It will be much more dangerous if this advance artificial intelligence if terrorists' hands felt.
  • When it will fully evolve and start making their decisions on their own Then why will they listen to humans Due to this Artificial intelligence robots will become threat to human survival.
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Guys next coming time will be of artificial intelligence and its use would have increased tremendously. Guys If you have any query related to Artificial intelligence then you can ask me in the comment.


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