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What is Virtual Reality and VR Box ?

What is Virtual Reality:-
Virtual Reality is that type of technology due to which we can create an artificial environment with the help of some software and hardware. In these artificial environment, Users feel like real environment. If we will play car race game in Virtual Reality Then we feel that we are driving the car in real. Today, We use Virtual Reality in many fields like to give training to the Pilot, in games, in movies. Scientist also use Virtual Reality to solve the complex problem.
If we want to understand the Virtual Reality then we will take an example of movie. when we watch 3D movie then we feel that it actually happened but in reality that is not real. 

What is VR Box ?
With the help of VR Box you can enjoy the movie in your home just like cinema hall . This VR box has a port to connect the mobile. For the good sound you can use your headphone then you will enjoy virtual reality in your home with the help of VR Box.

Uses Of Virtual Reality
1. Games and Entertainment :-  Virtual Reality Play an important role in the field of games and entertainment. Today there are many types of games in which Virtual Reality has been used. Virtual Reality has been also used in 3D movies Due to this Virtual Reality we feel everything real in Games and entertainment.
2. Education :- Virtual reality has been also used in the field of education. With the use of virtual reality there are many types of training which has been given to the people. If we want to give training to the astronaut then we will use Virtual Reality to give the training. If we want to give training of parachute jumping the virtual reality has been also used in this type of training. In this way there are any types of things in education fields where we used Virtual Reality.
3. Architecture Design :-  Virtual Reality has been also used in the field of architecture design. Today's World, We also used virtual reality for making the design of cars, aeroplane and many other things like this.


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