What is LED and How it works ?

Hello friends, Do you know about Led ? If yes, then it's a good thing If you don't know about LED then I will tell you about LED.you have seen small bulbs of one millimeter size. You have seen these types of bulbs on Christmas, Diwali new year and many other places. These are called LED bulb. Now we will explain you everything about LED.

What is LED ? LED meaning
LED meaning

The Full Form of LED is Light Emitting Diodes. LED (Light emitting diodes is a semi conductor device which emits light when electric current pass in it . When current pass in it then particles like electron and holes both combined together then Light emits from it.

Working of LED:-
Light Emitting diode only work in forward biased condition when LED has been forward biased then n-side free electrons push the p-side holes towards the junction.When free electron junctions reached the depletion area then some free electrons again ties up with positive ion holes. We know that In positive ions, there is less number of electrons in comparison to protons. In this way, Free electrons recombine with holes in the depletion area. In this way, p-side holes recombine with electrons.
Due to recombination of holes and free electrons , the width of depletion area decreases. due to this, more charge carrier cross the p-n junction. Some charge carriers from p side or n side cross the p-n junction before the recombination in depletion area. In conduction band , Energy released in the form of light before the recombination of free electrons with holes balanced band.

Types of LED
There are many types of LED. We will explain it one by one:-

1. Traditional Inorganic LEDs.
2. High brightness LEDs.
3. Organic LEDs.

Advantage of LED:-
There are many types of advantage of LED:-
1.  LED has good life. 
2.  LED needs very low voltage and current.
3.  There is no poisonous substance in LED. Led is totally good for       our environment.
4.  There is no ultra violet Radiation in LED light.
5.  These LED can work in every season. There will be no effect of       any type of season.
6.  The Size of LED is very small and it has very light weight. We         can carry these LED very easily.
7.  We can switch off and switch on LED immediately.There is no         heating and warm up time in LED. 

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