Friday, May 17, 2019

What is Graphic Card and How it works ?

Hello Friends, Do you know about graphics card If yes then it is good thing and if you don't know then don't worry I will tell you each and everything about graphics card.

What is Graphic Card ?
Graphic Card is a part of computer hardware which produce the image you see on the monitor. In other words, we can say that It is a printed circuit board which control the output on the display screen.
           Images which have been shown by you in your monitor has been made up of small dots named pixel. In simple resolution settings, One Screen display more than one million pixel. The computer has to decided that What to do with everyone to create an image.Then it needs a translator. Till,The Graphic capacity in a computer was not build in motherboard  then translator was done on graphics card. Many times you have seen that when you play same video in two computer then the quality of the video is different from one another. It all happens due to graphics card. If, In your computer there is good graphic card then the quality of video in your computer will be good and another main thing is that If there is no good quality graphic card in your computer then the quality of video in your computer will be low.It is very important for the games and video editors.

Types of Graphic Card.

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