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What is ABS ? How it works ?


Hello Friends, In Today's World, Everyone wants to drive the car or ride the bike in high speed. Every person enjoy it. Due to this habit, Many accident happen and a lot of people die in these type of accident. Have you ever think that Why these type of accident happen? The main reason of these type of accident is that when we apply breaks in our car or bike or any other vehicle then we cannot make balance at that time. When we apply breaks then sometime our vehicle overturns and sometimes slips then accident happen.
Then if we want to solve these type of problem and want to stop these type of accident then Let us put ABS in vehicle. Due to this ABS Technology we can stop these type of accidents.

what is ABS and how it works?, Antilock braking system
ABS(Antilock braking system)

What is ABS ?
The Full Form of ABS is Anti lock Braking System. Due to ABS you feel Safe Driving and better control. It is a type of vehicle technology due to which you can stop accident. For example, if you are driving a car in high speed then suddenly someone has come on the road infront of your car then first of all you will apply the breaks if that time there is no ABS in your car then your car slips and goes away for a long distance and increase the chance of accident also if there is ABS in your car then you will apply the breaks then your car stop safely. 

How ABS (Anti lock breaking system) works ?
Now, I will tell you that How ABS works ? Friends first of all I want to tell you that ABS is not a component but it has many component which works in  a system. In this ABS, there is a speed sensor which always focus on the speed of the wheel then send data to the speed controller device. After that Speed Controller device checks whether the car's speed decreased or not. When driver apply the breaks then speed decreased then speed controller device understand that there is a situation like accident. Then at that time ABS will activate. Then ABS tries to know that which wheel is slowing  and then Valve decrease the break pressure.
Then again speed of the wheel accelerate and speed of the all wheel
 will be same. then again controller decelerate the wheel then speed decreased. then again It accelerate the speed. then the process of acceleration and deceleration happened near about 20 times in one second.
            You don't need to do anything your ABS do their work in good way. Due to this you can control your car easily and you can stop your car safely.

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