Monday, May 20, 2019


Hello Friends, You have seen projector in your classroom, in any function or any other place. Do you know what is Projector and How it Works ? Today I will tell you each and everything about the Projector.

What is projector ?

Projector is an output device which projects a big image on the white surface or any wall. We use projector to show big image and video for many people. Generally we use Projector to give presentation in the company. Sometimes we use projector to watch movie in the home theatre. Besides this we use projector and many other places. There are many types of Projectors according to their design and capacity. Today, In this time there are different types of projector are available in market according to their shape and sizes.
Generally, Projector is one foot long and wide a few inches long. We can placed it on the roof. It is free standing and portable. The size of single mounted projector is big which projects on long distance. We use portable projector on the white screen. Some projector also support wifi and bluetooth.

Types of Projectors-
There are mainly three types of projectors are as follows -
1.  DLP.
2.  LCD.
3.  LED

Now we will discuss it one by one.
1.  DLP-  The full form of DLP is Digital light Processing.
2.  LCD-
3.  LED-

Technology in Projector-

Uses of  Projector-
1.    Projector is used in business meeting to give power point                 presentation
2.   Today, Projector is also used in school or collages as teaching           purpose.
3.   We also  used projector to project the screen of TV or computer        in the big screen.
4.   We also used projector to show the demo of a product or                  service in different place.

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