EVM machine

Hello Friends, Do you know about EVM ? Many of you must have used EVM for voting. There are many types of news related to EVM. In other hand we can say that EVM is very useful machine but some political parties always raised a questions related to the security of the EVM. Due to this this is very important for us to know about the EVM. So, do you know ? what is EVM and how it works ? If you are finding the answer of these questions then you should read this article. then you will get answer of every question related to EVM.

EVM machine, electronic voting machine
EVM machine

What is EVM ?
The Full form of EVM is electronic voting machines. Electronic voting machine is that type of machine in which any voter can give his vote to any political party. There is separate buttons for deligate of political party and they have also marked by the party sign on it.
These EVM are connected with electronic ballot box with the help of cable. 
There are two units in each EVM. First one is control unit and another one is balloting unit and both of these are connected with a cable. When a user press any button on the EVM of any candidate then the machine locks itself. In this condition if we want to open EVM then we need a ballot number Otherwise we can't open it. Due to this thing we can say that one person can give vote only one time. In this way EVM ensure us about security.

Features of EVM:-
There are many types of features of EVM. I will tell you each features one by one -
1.  EVM is very easy to operate.
2.  The Probability of illegal votes in machine is very low.
3.  It increases the process of computation and decrease the cost of       currency together.
4.  Electronic voting machine is operated by the battery So we can       also use this machine on that place or village where, there is no       electricity.
5.  An EVM machine can record 3840 votes.
6.  So we can say that It provides us a simple way of voting.

Technology of EVM

In any EVM, There are mainly two types of units. These units are connected with a cable. First one is control unit and another one is balloting unit. Now one by one, I will tell you about these units.
Balloting units is used by the voter to give the vote by the labelled button. Whereas Control unit has been used to control the ballots units.Control unit store the voting count and shows the result on the display.
             In EVM, one candidate can give only one vote whether candidate press the button many times in balloting unit but he can give only one vote. When a candidate press the button then vote is automatically recorded then the machine has been locked for that person. After locked, if candidate press the button then vote will not record. In this way, By EVM one person can give only one vote.
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