In today,s topic, I will tell you about BPO that what is BPO and how it's work ? In Today,s Time BPO industry has been increasing day by day. Many peoples are working in BPO industry. It is a fastest growing industry.

What is BPO ?
 The Full Form of BPO is Business process outsourcing. Business process outsourcing is a type of contract in which one company hires to another company to perform and operate some specific task. 
Business process outsourcing, BPO full form
Business process outsourcing (BPO)

In other way we can say that BPO is a process of outsourcing in which the third party provider is included in the business operations on the basis of the contract. BPO industry has another  name also and that name is ITES. The Full Form of ITES is Information technology enabled services.
BPO (Business Process outsourcing) has many types of services like Finance, Accounting, HR(Human Resource), customer service, technical support etc. 
A BPO executive has many types of task and the main task of BPO executive is to provide good satisfaction to the client or customer.

Qualification for BPO job or Call centre job ?
If you want to do job in BPO then you should have the degree of graduation then you can get good job in BPO.If you have graduation in any stream then you can get job in BPO. In BPO job they want good English and good communication skill then you can get good job in BPO. 

Responsibility of a BPO Executive.

  • The Main and importance Responsibility of of a BPO executive is to provide proper service or information to their customer or client.
  • A BPO Executive should have always ready to learn new things according to conditions.
  • They should provide hundred percent problem solution to the customer.
  • If BPO executive face any type of problem then they should discuss about that problem to their seniors or supervisor.
Skill of a BPO executive:-
  • They Should know good english.
  • They should be a good Communicator due to which they can handle the customer easily and effectively.
  • A BPO Executive should have basic computer knowledge and good typing speed.
  • A BPO Executive should always be passionate.
  • A BPO Executive should always be update to the market and they should always follow the trends.
Advantages of BPO :-
  • BPO is good for the organizational growth.
  • The other advantage of BPO is that It is low operating cost.
  • Due to this customer get solution of the problem very easily.
  • The another main advantage of BPO is improved automation due to this, business get progress day by day.
  • The best advantage of BPO is that due to this BPO many peoples are getting job and they are making their carrer.
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