Hello Friends, Whenever you go to mall and buy some products Then you have seen some vertical lines on the product and when you are buying this product then shopkeeper put that vertical lines of product under a machine and then they gives us our bill. Now we will  talk about What is these vertical lines ? These vertical lines called as Barcode. Now we will tell you everything about these Bardode.

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What is Barcode ?
If we will talk about the actual definition of Barcode then we can say that Barcode is visual machine readable code which has been printed on the product in the form of vertical parallel lines. Barcode is very important for any type of business. Due to this Barcode we can easily find out the information of the product. We can easily find out the price, manufacturing date, Quantity, stocks etc. Barcode contains full information about the product. We can read Barcode data with the help of Barcode scanner and we can save that data in our computer. Due to this, there is less chance of doing mistake. Therefore we can say that Barcode is very important for our business.

Types Of Barcode 
There are mainly two types of Barcode :-
1. Linear Barcode or 1D (one Dimensional) Barcode.
2. 2D (Two Dimensional) Barcode. It is also called QR code. The Full form of QR is Quick Response.

Now we will explain one by one.

1. Linear Barcode :- It stores only text information. we use in soap mobile etc.
2. QR Code :- It is also called 2D (Two Dimensional) Barcode. If we will talk about 2D barcode. It stores many types of information like URL of the website, Price of the product, quantity or image etc. If we want to read 2D barcode then we need an image scanner. we can also read 2D barcode by the camera of our smartphone. Now a days, 2D barcode has been develop day by day and the use of 2D barcode has been increasing day by day.

Uses of Barcode:- 
The main uses of Barcode are as follows :- 
1. Barcode has been used in postal office to track the speed post.
2. It has been also used in access control of all things like buildings, ship, planes etc.
3. It has been also used in package tracking.
4. Barcode is also used in Consumer retail goods.
5. We also use Barcode to know the information of any product.

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