IP address meaning

Hello Friends, Do you know about IP address that What is IP address and how can we find IP address. Today, In this article, I will tell you about IP address.
                                               Actually Friends, In easy words we can say that IP address is a type of link which connect your device to the internet and allows your device to communicate with another device. By it's name you can identify that this is an address. In this world there are many peoples who use computer and internet but they don't know anything about IP address, In this case if you don,t know what is IP address ? So don't worry about all these thing because I will tell you each and everything about IP address. 

What is IP address and why we use IP address?
The Full Form of IP address is Internet Protocol address. It allows one device communicate to another device on IP based network .
IP address is that type of unique address due to which a device can be identify very easily on the internet or any other local network. An IP (Internet Protocol) address provide an identity to any network device. If we want to know the location of a house then we need address of that house. In the same way if we want to know the location of an internet device then we need an IP address. In this way we can differentiate each device from with the help of IP address.

IP address meaning, IP address definition
IP address meaning

Types of IP (Internet Protocol) addresses:-

There are mainly 4 types of IP address are as follows -
1. Private IP addresses.
2. Public IP addresses.
3. Static IP addresses.
4. Dynamic IP addresses.
Now we will discuss one by one all IP addresses. 

1. Private IP addresses:- 
We use these type of IP address inside the network. We use these type of IP address to communicate your device to the router in a private network.It is set manually or It is automatically assign by the router.

2. Public IP addresses:-
We use these type of IP network outside the network. These type of IP (Internet Protocol) has been assigned by the ISP (internet service provider). It is that type of main address which is used in your home and office to communicate with world network devices. It provides a path to your devices to reach to the ISP due to which you can communicate directly to the website or any other devices from your computer.

3. Dynamic IP address:-
It is that type of IP address which is designed by the DHCP server.

4. Static IP address:-
If , In any device DHCP is not enabled and don't support then IP address has been manually assigned. In this case IP address is called Static IP address.

How can We know the IP address ?
There are different paths to find out the IP addresses of different devices and operating system.
Public IP Address:- It is very easy to find the IP address of your router. If you want to know your IP then click on it
Private IP Address:- It is not easy to know the private IP address 
of the device.
If you want to know the private IP address of your device then you should open command prompt.
If you want to know your IP address in android device then you should go in setting.

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