5G Technology in India:-

Hello Friends, Our world is developing day by day. Now our world is going towards the 5G technology.The Full Form of 5G is fifth generation. We know that before some years, In Mobile industry, Technology is developing day by day. In the field of mobile Industry, We have started journey from 1G(first generation) but now we have reached to 5G Technology. We have covered the distance of 1G (first generation), 2G (second generation), 3G (Third generation), 4G (Fourth generation) and Now a days we will use 5G technology.

It is latest cellular Technology, due to this we can transfer more and more data in minimum time.
5G technology in india, 5G technology
5G technology in india

Important Features of 5G Technology

There are many types of features in 5G Technlogy. I will explain all features:-
1.  The main features of 5G Technology is that It is more reliable in communications and 5G technology has low battery consumption.
2.  5G technology provides you good connectivity and It has high increased peak bit rate. 
3.  Due to this 5G technology we can do many type of work in very easy way.
4.  5G technology will provides you high speed internet upto 10Gbps.
5.  The another main features of 5G technology is that It has low latency in milliseconds.
6.  This technology will provides you good coverage.

How 5G technology works?
Now we will discuss about how 5G Technology works? First of all I want to say that we know that 5G is wireless networks and all wireless network is Cell sites. All cell sites are divided in sectors.
If we want to transmit 5G wireless signal then we need small cell station then we place that small cell station in different place like buildings roof, poles etc. It has lower frequency spectrum. due to which network operator can use that spectrum which already they have. 5G is more faster, reliable than previous one.

Always multiple small cells are used in 5G Technology because they can easily interfere in physical objects.

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