PayPal is an American Online payment service company. Which gives you the facility to pay and receive money from other by electronic way. Due to PayPal any person can do safe transaction in all over the world without facing any type of Problem. It has been established in 1998 After Sometime It has been bought by Ebay company.
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The main thing in PayPal is that In PayPal we can receive and Pay money on the national as well as international level also. If we want to transfer money from PayPal then we don,t need any type of license or any type of tech knowledge. If we want to transfer money from PayPal then First of all We should Create an account On PayPal. For creating account on PayPal We need a valid Email ID or a valid bank Account. After that we can create an account on PayPal.

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Types Of PayPal Account :-

There are three main types of PayPal Account :-

1. Personal Account.
2. Premier Account.
3. Business Account. 
Now one by one we will describe all these accounts.

1. Personal Account:- Personal Account is also called an Individual Account. In this Account You can pay or receive money from one PayPal Account to another PayPal Account. Personal Account is only for personal use.

2.Premier Account:-  We use premier Account for high transaction value. For this type of account We have to access core and premier features of PayPal.

3.Business Account:- This Account is only for Business man. If you have a business all over the world than you can make this type of account and You can receive money very easily.

One Another main thing about PayPal is that PayPal can transfer money for us Due to this PayPal cut some commission on that transaction.

How can we use PayPal ?

We can use PayPal by any computer, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet etc. Before Using PayPal First of all you have to make an account on PayPal. If we want to create an Account on PayPal then we need a Bank account, Pan Card and Debit or Credit Card.

How can we make PayPal Account ?

1. First of all We should go on PayPal Website.
2. After that You will see the option of Account type then You should select Individual or Business.
3. After that You have to enter your detail like Name. Id, Password, Mobile Number, Address, Date of Birth etc.
4. Then you should enter your Card detail like Card number, Expiry date, Cvv no. etc.
5. Then Your PayPal account has been created.
6. Then PayPal will verify your account by sending some amount then you have enter that amount on your PayPal account Then your PayPal account has been verified .
7. Then you will able to do transaction.

Advantage of PayPal:-

There are many types of PayPal account -
1. The main advantage of PayPal is that PayPal provides us good security to us at the time of transaction and the transaction in PayPal is safe.
2. The second main advantage of PayPal is that we can transfer money all over the world.
3. Third main advantage of PayPal is that we can do also shopping.
4. If you face any type of problem in any transaction then PayPal will support you.
5. Time to time PayPal also gives you good offers.

In this way we can say that PayPal is good method of money transfer.

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