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what is the internet ?

What is the internet ?

The Internet is a computer based world wide information network. Internet provides us many types of facilities like communication facilities and information facilities. with the help of internet we can get any type of information on any topic. Internet is a combination of many technology and many services. But generally we use internet to share information and ideas from one person to another or one place to another. It uses TCP/IP (transmission control protocol/internet protocol) to link world device on the level of world wide.
what is the internet ? internet definition
what is the internet ?
The Internet started as a ARPANET in the year 1969. The Full form of ARPANET is Advanced Research Projects Administration Network. 
US Government started ARPANET project in 1969. Firstly, The ARPANET reached military research and government laboratories after that it reached in universities and other institutions. It was developed in 1980 named NSFNET by the National Science Foundation of US. It was developed to connect super computers centers in the US. Internet is very useful for us. The internet gives you each and every information to you by your computer in your home and in your office. In other way we can say that Internet is the combination of large no. of database , many network, and other services. The Internet Provides us many types of services. 


The main category of Internet services is Communication Services, Web services, Information Retrieval Services, and World Wide Web:-

Communication Services

There are many types of Communication Services in internet like Email(electronic mail), Newsgroup(usenet), Instant messaging, mailing list etc.

Web Services

Web services gives us facility to exchange the information between various applications on the web.

Information Retrieval Services

In this category, It includes various types of services like FTP(file transfer protocol) archie etc.

World wide web 

It contains graphics, hyperlinks, texts etc. we can create web page by using HTML, java and java script.

Some important things on the internet we should know this :-

Internet Protocol :- It is a way due to which we can transfer data from one network to another network. It uniquely identify each and every computer which is connected to the internet. Each computer has at least one unique IP.

Hyperlink:- Hyperlink is used for navigate from one web page to another web page. In Other way we can say that it allows you to move between web pages. It also gives us facilities to download audio video and multimedia file. Hyperlink are of main three types: Text hyperlink, Image hyperlink, and image map. In Text hyperlink, If we click on the text then we move on the another web page and it always denoted in blue color. In Image hyperlink and in map when we click on it then we move from one web page to another and it always indicated by blue color border.

Hypertext:- Hypertext allows you to move one web page to other web page  at different websites.

Web browser:- Web browser is a software application program. It helps you to show images, videos, wallpapers, data in your PC which is available on different websites. Without web browser, we cannot see any data on the internet. It always resides in your PC . The most commonly web browser are Chrome, Firefox, internet explorer etc.

ISP(Internet  Service Provider):- ISP(Internet Service Provider) provides you the facility to access the internet.

URL:- The Full Form of URL is Uniform Resource Locater which refers to address on the internet. In other way, we can say that URL is the address of any web page or any website.

                                                                                                             But Today, On the internet there are millions of websites. Today we are using internet in every field . Due to internet, we can buy anything from the e-commerce websites and with the help of internet We can easily transfer money from one account to another. We can book ticket easily by the internet. In education field, Internet play an important role because we can get coaching classes in our home very easily with the help of internet and my computer.
Now a days, We can apply for the job through the internet. In today's world, we can't imagine our life without internet, because, without internet we have to face many types of problems. Internet makes our life very comfortable, because due to internet we can save our time or we can pay our bills by the computer and mobiles very easily. Internet also plays very important role in the field of social media. Today peoples are sharing their images, videos and thought by social media. it's also possible due to internet we can book car, bus, railway ticket, air ticket etc. In other way, we can say that internet makes our life very easy.

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