Wednesday, September 19, 2018


In old days or today's, We grow plants in our fields. But future of growing plants will be totally different. Because today we have a new method of growing the plants. This method is called hydroponics. In this method, We grow plants without soil. It may be possible that you will be shocked to hear, growing plants without soil. In this method we use mineral nutrients in the water for the growth of these plants.     
In Other words we can say that hydroponics is the method of cultivation of plants in water but without soil. For the growth of any plants, Plants require Nutrients, water, light and air. If we give these thing to the plants, then plants never stressed. Hydroponics is the farming of the future for growing plants. Hydroponics is very useful for our astronauts in the space, because , in space there is no soil Therefore Hydroponics is the perfect way of farming in the space. 
There are many types of advantage of Hydroponic:-
The first main advantage of hydroponic is that there is no need of soil. If you have no land or fields, Inspite of this you can grow plants by this method. Hydroponic can be very useful for us or our country because there are many places where lands or fields is limited in our country then for that place Hydroponic is perfect way of farming.

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